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Fix Your Own Paint Jobs

If you want your car to look good and not have to go to the expense of paint repair, follow these basic steps. When your car gets a ding, the paint job most likely is just a surface problem. Car paint repair typically begins with understanding how far down the damage actually goes. The paint is not a single, uniform mass. It begins with the clear coat, then the base coat and mid-coats, that all add the color, as well as the protection from weather and abuse.

You will need two items for paint repair. One will be the scratch pad or scraper, and the other will be sandpaper. Start by taking off the hood and thoroughly cleaning the car’s interior. After cleaning, you will need to take out the existing paint in small areas. Use the sandpaper to scrape the paint away gently, being careful to protect any non-metal parts.

Once the car body is cleaned, sandpaper will be used to completely remove any excess paint, and then apply a primer onto the scratched area, as well as touch-up paint. Sandpaper should be pressed very lightly onto the body to avoid destroying the metal underneath. It is a good idea to touch-up paint on both sides of any damage, as well as inside the dent or scratch. Touch-up paint does not protect the metal underneath from further damage, so it should be applied to the damage only. If you do not have any paint touch-up tools at home, you can purchase them from an auto body shop.

After the paint is applied, the body shop technician will then make necessary adjustments and then paint the car once again. Each time the repair is done, the technician should test the paint to make sure that the color is accurate. If the color is off, then paint will need to be applied again. The technician should work on only one side at a time, to ensure even application of the paint on the vehicle’s entire body.

When you are fixing your own paint job, you should remember that you should always start with the engine cover. If the engine cover is damaged and cannot be fixed, a new one should be bought and then the old damaged one should be removed before starting the repair. The first thing that should be done when trying to fix a paint job is to find out what type of damage needs to be fixed. You should find out if the problem is surface damage, paint damage, rusting, or something else.

There are many ways to repair scratches and paint damage. Before you start, you should turn off the car’s engine and pull off the registration plate. Then you should use a piece of sandpaper to remove any chips and small dents in the area. Next, you should use an old toothbrush or something similar to gently scrub the area. You may have to repeat the process if necessary to get all of the damage.

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